Offices of the Crown Agents for the Colonies
The Crown Agents acted as the British commercial and financial agent for the Crown colonies; since the establishment of the office in 1831 the agents worked to accelerate self-sufficiency, as well as prosperity for their communities.1
Some of the responsibilities of the Crown Agents were to supply all non-locally run stores, manage colonial investments, and other. With the arrival of the railways, other mass developments, and the opening of trade in large areas of the world, the agents played a greater role in supervising the constructions of railways as well as the management of Colonial Loans on the London Stock Market.2 The Crown Agents' involvement in the community increased in the Victorian and Edwardian periods with the further responsibilities of shipping, recruitment, finance, the administration of Widows and Orphans schemes, and pension payments. Much of the work accomplished by the Crown Agents went unnoticed and they never made the headlines.3
The Crown Agents continue their work to this day. They now look at technologies which will help accelerate the pace of change. Again continuing their search to aid their communities, businesses, institutions, and countries.4
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