No. 53
27th September 1864
I have the honor to state that on arrival at New Westminster I learnt that my Predecessor, Sir James Douglas, had drawn the full salary of Governor up to the date of my arrival. It was stated that he had done so under instructions from the Duke of Newcastle.
2. I applied to His Grace to be allowed to defer my departurefromManuscript image from England until the 17th of March offering to surrender all claim to half Salary during the voyage to British Columbia if the indulgence was granted to me. Reasons of importance however compelled His Grace to direct my early departure, and I considered myself, therefore, entitled to half pay from the time I left Southampton, the 17th of February.
3. I have drawn that allowance subject of course to your instructions, and I should have reported the matter earlier had I not been engaged in public duties of great importance in the interior of the Colony.
I haveManuscript image
I have the honor to be
Your most obedient
humble Servant
Frederick Seymour
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Mr Elliot
Governor Seymour would of course have been entitled to 1/2 Salary from the date of embarkation had there been any Salary available, but his Predecessor remained in the execution of his duties till his Successor assumed the Govt. He had therefore I think an undoubted right to the full Salary of his Office?
VJ 28 Novr
Mr Cardwell
Governor Seymour has not the shadow of a claim to half salary in this case, and it is to be lamented that he should have drawn the money without applying for previous authority. The Colonial Regulations are perfectly explicit on the point. If half salary is disposable an Officer may have it from theManuscript image time of embarkation, but if the Principal be still in the exercise of his Office on the spot, no half salary is available, and the pay of the new officer can only begin from the date of his arrival. Articles 90 & 99 are conclusive.
I do not know any cases which appear to me more objectionable than those of Officers dipping their hand into the public Treasury, in order to pay themselves money in doubtful instances without previous authority.
I should refer Governor Seymour to the rules which preclude his claim, and should request that he will have the goodness to refund the money, and to report his having done so to this Department.
TFE 1 Decr
Mr Jadis
For draft in accordance with the last par.
TFE 3/12
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Draft reply, Cardwell to Seymour, No. 56, 10 December 1864, informing Seymour that Articles 90 and 99 of the Colonial Regulations preclude Seymour from his claim.