No. 36
27th September 1864
I referred, for the consideration of the Lords of the Committee of Privy Council for Trade, the Ordinance enclosed in your Despatch No. 17 of the 6th of June entitled No. 13, "An Ordinance for the regulation of the Inland Navigation of BritishColumbiaManuscript image Columbia," and I have the honor to transmit to you, for your information and guidance, the enclosed copy of a letter which has been received from the Board of Trade in reply.
I cannot submit this Ordinance for Her Majesty's confirmation until the Legislature of British Columbia shall have made the alterations indicated by the Board of Trade as necessary to bring the Act into conformity with Imperial Law.
You will therefore cause a Bill to be submitted to theLegislatureManuscript image Legislature making these Amendments.
You will of course take care that the Members of the Legislature are fully aware that you consider the rules which they propose to adopt from the Merchant Shipping Act are inapplicable to the Navigation of the Inland Waters of British Columbia. But in case the Council should continue to consider the Rules advisable for the public safety, it will not, in my opinion, be judicious, on thegroundsManuscript image grounds which you allege, to refuse the Royal Assent to the Law embodying their decision.
I have the honor to be
Your most obedient
humble Servant
Edward Cardwell
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