Romaine to Rogers (Permanent Under-Secretary)
31 August 1864
I am commanded by My Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty to send you herewith, for the information of Her Majesty's Secretary of State for the Colonies, a copy of a letter from Vice Admiral Kingcome dated the 21st June last, No 70 reporting his having conveyed the Governor of British Columbia from Esquimalt to Bentinck Arm, and the departure of His Excellency, and a party of Volunteers into the interior for the capture of the Murderers of the White Men at Bute Inlet.
I am Sir
Your most obedient Servant
W.G. Romaine
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Mr Elliot
The information obtained by Admiral Kingcome seems conclusive as to the Report which has already reached us of a second attack by the Indians on a White party. 3 of the party are said to have been killed, & 4 wounded. At the same time the notion of a general rising of Indians seems discredited. One of the local Newspapers (V.C.I.) has stated that Governor Seymour & Mr Cox, the Magistrate at Alexandria, had effected a junction, and had consequently made up a strong force.
ABd 1 Sepr
TFE 1 Sep
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EC 5
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Copy, Vice Admiral John Kingcome to Secretary to the Admiralty, 21 June 1864, concerning efforts to locate the murderers of the road workers.