No. 66
29 January 1864
I am informed by the Lord Commissioners. of the Admiralty that the sum of £19.13.0 is due to the Ward Room Officers of H.M.S. "Devastation" for the entertainment of Mr. H.G. Lewis, who it appears was employed as Pilot and Interpreter under your authority, when the "Devastation" proceeded(asManuscript image (as reported in your despatch No. 33 of the 21st of May) on service among the different tribes of Indians along the coast from Vancouver Island to Fort Simpson between the months of March and May last.
As this is a charge which should be defrayed from Colonial funds I have instructed the Crown Agents General to pay the amount to the credit ofNavalManuscript image Naval Services, and I have to request that you will remit to them £19.13.0 in repayment.
I have the honor to be
Your obedient servant