No. 8
6th June 1864
In my despatch No. 7 of the 1st instant I acknowledged the receipt of your predecessor's despatch No. 14 of the 4th of April which was accompanied by three Ordinances of the Legislature of British Columbia assented to by him on the 10th of March lastandManuscript image and intituled respectively
No. 6—"An Ordinance for the amendment of the Licences Act, 1859."
No. 8—"An Ordinance to authorise the introduction of steam traction engines into British Columbia."
No. 9—"An Ordinance to encourage the construction of a telegraph line connecting British Columbia with the Telegraph Lines of the United States and for other purposes."
TheManuscript image
The last named Ordinance formed the subject of my despatch No. 7 of the 1st instant.
I have laid the remaining two Ordinances before The Queen and I am commanded to acquaint you that Her Majesty has been pleased to confirm and allow them.
You will communicate Her Majesty's decision to the inhabitants of the Colony in theusualManuscript image usual manner.
Ordinance No. 8 creates a monopoly of the use of steam traction engines but since the monopoly lasts only one year and is a matter of purely Colonial concern I have not refrained from advising Her Majesty to confirm the Ordinance: I have however to observe that the Colonial Government will do well to be on theirguardManuscript image guard against the temptation which will always exist to purchase an immediate advantage by granting to private persons exclusive privileges which may be the source of future embarrassment and inconvenience.
I have the honor to be
Your obedient servant
Edward Cardwell