No. 9
Downing Street
7 June 1864
I have laid before The Queen the Ordinances noted in the margin
No. 1—An Ordinance to promote the drainage of Mines. Passed 1st Feb. 1864.
No. 2—An Ordinance confirming certain Proclamations. Passed 2nd Feb. 1864.
No. 4—An Ordinance to extend and improve the Laws relating to Gold Mining. Passed 26 Feb. 1864.
No. 5—An Ordinance for the construction of a Toll Bridge across Thompson River. Passed 26 Feb/64.
which were forwarded in your Predecessor's despatch No. 9 of the 19th of February last, and I am commanded to acquaint you that Her Majesty has been pleased to confirm and allowthemManuscript image them.
You will communicate Her Majesty's decision on these Ordinances to the Inhabitants of British Columbia in the usual and most authentic manner.
The decision of The Queen on the Ordinance No. 3 of 1864 to appropriate a sum of money to the service of the presentyearManuscript image year will be communicated to you in another despatch. I think it right however to point out to you that, inasmuch as a Legislative Council cannot be considered to be a Parliament, the phrase "in Parliament assembled" which occurs in the 1st paragraph of this Ordinance is incorrect, and shouldbeManuscript image be avoided in future legislation.
I have the honor to be
Your obedient servant
Edward Cardwell
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