No. 63
31st December 1864
With reference to my Despatch No. 37 of the 7th of October last, I have the honor to acquaint you that as no representation adverse to the Ordinance No. 16, "to amend the Customs Duties," has been received from Vancouver Island or fromBritishManuscript image British Columbia, Her Majesty has been pleased to allow and confirm it. You will communicate the Queen's decision to the Inhabitants of the Colony in the usual manner.
I have to observe however that it would seem from your Despatch that vessels trading with the Northern parts of British Columbia would be obliged to come to New Westminster to clear, which would take them considerably out of their course. On this point I have to refer you to the 11th paragraph ofyourManuscript image your Predecessor's Despatch No. 9 of the 3rd November 1858, and to suggest the expediency of placing a Custom House Officer at Point Roberts or at some more convenient Point on the Sea Coast, outside of Frasers River, to enter ships bound to other Places in the Gulf of Georgia North of Fraser River.
I have the honor to be
Your most obedient
humble servant
Edward Cardwell