Western Union Telegraph Co.

To Her Britanic Majs Consul, N.Y. From New Westminster

Dated 18 April 1865.
Received 22 April 1865.

Will Her B.M. Consul at N.Y. forward following to Secy of State for Colonies London as soon as possible?
To Her Britanic Majesty's Principal Secretary of State for the Colonies London From New Westminster

Dated 18 April 1865.
Received 22 April 1865, 11 am.

Telegraph completed this day to San Francisco by California State Telegraph Co. Line being continued on to Russia by Collins Telegraph Co will give employment to one thousand 1000 men. Legislative Council prorogued all satisfactory four hundred thousand dollars 400,000 voted for roads twenty nine 29 acts passed Governors salary raised Main road from Westminster to Cariboo five hundred & twenty three 523 miles to be completed this year Also bridge road to Kootenay and Columbia Bend.
Government exploration to connect Cariboo and Kootenay mines winter very severe Spring come. Avalanches fallen on main road without damage large gangs clearing off Frazers River lower than ever before. Chinese making twenty 20 to forty 40 dollars a day in its bed. White men passing on to Cariboo and Kootenay Wages Cariboo ten 10 dollars Kootenay seven 7 Westminster two 2 to five 5 dollars. Many gentlemen seeking government employment Good news from British Kootenay Miners making twenty 20 to one hundred 100 dollars a day to the hand New diggings north bend of Columbia equally rich Great rush expected American steamers partially withdrawn for miners to pass through Oregon instead of up Frazers.
No regular communication with California Many despatches ready but no means of transmission to England Van Couver clamorous for Union with British Columbia Weather beautiful All well and Indians perfectly quiet.
Minutes by CO staff
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Telegram reporting present state of affairs.
Including the sea voyage across the Atlantic this telegram has reached this Office in 17 days. This telegram brings satisfactory intelligence, which will have to be acknowledged.
ABd 5 May
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The telegram is dated at New Westminster on the 18th of April. Acke as proposed?
TFE 5 May
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Draft reply, Cardwell to Seymour, No. 21, 12 May 1865.