No. 40
4th May 1865
With reference to my despatch No. 39 of the 9th of September 1864 and to your reply of the 8th of December, I have now the honor to report, though with muchregretManuscript image regret, that the men who murdered an Indian Constable at Metlakahlta and wounded several others, have not been captured.
2. I am not much suprised at this. The feeling of the Majority of the population in the adjoining territory would be strongly opposed to the surrendering to British justice American citizens who had merely shot Indians who were interfering,(thoughManuscript image (though on behalf of the Law) with the traffic carried on by the white men.
3. The United States' Authorities however furnished every assistance. It is to the Officers of the American Garrison at San Juan that we owe the seizure of the Sloop "Random," on board of which the murder was committed. She was taken by the American troops when lying at Orcas Island.TheManuscript image The crew escaped into the bush. Governor Pickering of Washington Territory did all he could to further the ends of Justice and from the Governor of the Russian Possessions on this Coast I received a most obliging reply to my request for assistance.
4. I fully complied with all Mr Duncan suggested as means to pacify the Indians at Metlakahtla. A surgeon was sent up to attend thewoundedManuscript image wounded men. Nurses were hired to wait on them. A small pension bestowed on the widow of the murdered Constable. I am in hopes that the Natives are fully satisfied with the action of the Government.
5. I hope to visit the scene of Mr Duncan's very interesting and successful labours during the course of the present summer.
IManuscript image
I have the honor to be,
Your most obedient
humble Servant
Frederick Seymour
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Mr Elliot
Approve all that the Governor has done in this matter.
I shd say that the case was scarcely of sufficient importance to ask the F.O. to cause thanks to be conveyed to Governor Pickering for his help.
ABd 10 July
EC 13
I agree. Govr Seymour does not suggest any thanks—& has doubtless thanked Pickering for himself.
TFE 10 July
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Draft reply, Cardwell to Seymour, No. 42, 19 July 1865.