Romaine to Rogers (Permanent Under-Secretary)
31st July 1865
I am commanded by My Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty to send you herewith, for the information of Mr Secretary Cardwell, a Copy of a Letter from Rear Admiral The Hon. J. Denman dated the 3rd June, No 76, reporting on the means and state of Defence of the Colonies of Vancouver and British Columbia.
I am, Sir,
Your most obedient Servant
W.G. Romaine
Minutes by CO staff
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Sir F. Rogers
I understand that the War Office is considering the subject of the defence of these distant & unprotected Colonies, & that they have consulted Col: Moody, lately Commanding the R. Engineers at B.C. He has asked for Maps which we do not possess in this Office, & we have called upon the Govr of V.C. Island to send copies of these home.
There is difficulty in finding aManuscript image person in the Colony competent to make these copies: but they are in hand, & will reach us shortly.
The foregoing being the state of the case I shd refer this to the War Office with ref: to previous correspce & inform Admy accy.
ABd 2 Augt
FR 2/8
EC 2
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
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J. Denman, Rear Admiral and Commander in Chief, to Secretary of the Admiralty, 3 June 1865, reporting as per despatch.
Other documents included in the file
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Rogers to Under-Secretary of State, War Office, 8 August 1865, forwarding copy of Denman's letter for consideration, with reference to previous correspondence.
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Rogers to Secretary to the Admiralty, 5 August 1865, advising their letter had been forwarded to the War Office for consideration.