Trutch to Cardwell
15 Pembridge Crescent
Bayswater, London
January 24th 1865
I have the honor to inform you that in accordance with the terms prescribed to me by His Excellency Governor Seymour as essential to my continuing in the office which I now hold, I have negotiated the sale of all my private rights in the public works of the Colony, and within a fortnight after my arrival at New Westminster shall be freed from all pecuniary interests in such public works.
On my way home I was detained a month inManuscript image New York in consequence of the dangerous illness of my brother who was travelling with me, and since my arrival here I have been entirely occupied in negotiating the introduction of Steam Traction Engines into use on the roads of British Columbia, an object in which His Excellency Governor Seymour takes great interest. So much of my time has been thus absorbed that it is impossible for me to complete my business arrangements here and return to the Colony by the 1st April the time named to me by His Excellency the Governor.
I have therefore to solicit the extension of my leave of absence until the 15th May and in support of this application most respectfully represent that I am notManuscript image drawing any official salary during my absence from the Colony, and that up to the present time I have had no leisure to devote to my private affairs during my stay in England.
I have the honor to be
Your most obedient servant
Joseph W. Trutch
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works
and Surveyor General of
British Columbia
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Elliot
I suppose it would be conveying a sort of imputation on Mr Trutch's bona fides to ask him to furnish the S. State with a precise account of the sale of his interest in the public works of the Colony. To do so, however, wd be more satisfactory.
On the other hand if he should be found still to have any interest in the public works after having told us that he had divested himself of his property his situation would be in jeopardy. With that hold on Mr T and hoping that he is dealing fairly with us I shd , myself, accord him full confidence and be satisfied with his assurance that he had divested himself of his local property.
Grant him the extension of leave for one month which he solicits?
ABd 25 Jany
He says that the sale of his property will be completed within a short time after his arrival in the Colony. It is there accordingly that he ought to produce to the Governor any evidence requisite to satisfy Mr Seymour of the completion of the transaction. I annex a draft to that effect, and giving him at the same time his extension of leave.
[TFE] 17 Feb
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Manuscript image
Draft reply, Cardwell to Seymour, No. 6, 18 February 1865.
Manuscript image
Rogers to Trutch, 18 February 1865, granting an extension to his leave of absence, and advising that upon his return to the colony, he must satisfy the governor of his divestiture of "all pecuniary interests in the public works of the Colony."