No. 71
23 September 1865
I have received your Despatch of the 7th July, No. 91 forwarding a petition from Mr. Alfred Waddington, together with other papers, applying for compensation for the losses he has sustained in his attempt to open up a route into the interior ofBritishManuscript image British Columbia by the way of the "Bute Inlet," and also asking for the protection of Government to enable him to resume that undertaking.
You will acquaint Mr. Waddington that I have attentively perused his memorial; that it is impossible for me to sanction the payment to him of any indemnification for his losses, and that I cannot hold out to him any encouragement in an undertaking which has led to so lamentable results, and, I collect, is not received favourably by the AuthoritiesofManuscript image of the Colony. As however it appears that in 1862 Mr. Waddington entered into some agreement with the Government respecting this road, it is for your consideration whether he ought not to be allowed, if he wishes, to throw up that agreement.
I have the honor to be
Your most obedient
humble servant
Edward Cardwell