No. 79
7 October 1865
In my Despatch No. 78 of this days date I have conveyed to you Her Majesty's decision on the Ordinance No. 27 of 1865 "for regulating the acquisition of land in British Columbia." Although I have advised Her Majesty to sanction this Ordinance I consider that it is open to objection intheManuscript image the following particulars.
Under the 51st Clause, power is given to the Governor or any Officer duly authorized by him to grant leases of unoccupied and unsurveyed land for pastoral purposes.
However desirable it is land not wanted for agriculture should be employed for feeding cattle yet it has been found by experience that long leases for these purposes have given rise to much discontent, and in some cases they seem to have operated to obstruct settlement.ItManuscript image It would therefore have been better if the Ordinance had fixed a limit to the term of such Leases, which I am disposed to think should not have exceeded Seven years. You will therefore in future limit them to that period, and you will be careful not to insert in them any right of renewal.
I desire also to call your attention to the 55th Section. The system of free grants in Australia has been productive of great abuse and public injury and has long sincebeenManuscript image been discontinued. You will on no account make any such grant except under special circumstances, and with my previous approval in each case, or in virtue of some published Regulations, which I should similarly wish you to submit to me with a full Report before bringing them into operation.
I have the honor to be
Your most obedient
humble servant
Edward Cardwell
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