No. 84
20 October 1865
I have to acknowledge the receipt of your despatch of the 31st of May No. 71 transmitting copies of "an Ordinance respecting the salary of the Office of Governor."
The prominent position occupied by the Governor of a Colony in which Gold is the chief staple, and the heavy expenses to which he is in consequence exposed justify me I think to sanction the increase of £1000 per annum whichisManuscript image is proposed to be made to your salary by this Ordinance, to which therefore I have obtained Her Majesty's sanction. At the same time I must point out to you that in passing this Ordinance without my previous permission you have infringed the Royal Instructions. It is declared in the XVI section that the Governor is not, without permission, to assent to any Ordinance "whereby any grant of land or money or any other donation or gratuity is to be made to himself." Though, strictly speaking, "salary" is not a "donation" yet the meaning and spirit of the clause is so clear that the injunction in the Royal Instructions ought not to have been overlooked.
I have the honor to be
Your most obedient
humble servant
Edward Cardwell
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