No. 90
11 November 1865
I have received Governor Seymour's Despatch No. 100 of the 23rd of August, enclosing a letter addressed to me by Mr. James Cooper, Harbor Master at New Westminster, complaining that the expectations held out to him by the Secretary of State at the date of his appointment hadnotManuscript image not been realized, and praying that his office may be placed on a footing equivalent to that of the Collector of Customs.
I have to request that you will acquaint Mr. Cooper that I cannot take into consideration allegations of oral promises, of which there is no record, and that the light duties he has to discharge would not justify me in sanctioning any addition to his present emoluments.
I have the honor to be
Your most obedient
humble servant
Edward Cardwell
The Officer Administering the Government
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Birch, Arthur Nonus

Cardwell, Edward

Cooper, James

Seymour, Frederick

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