21st December 1866
My Lord,
Among the gentlemen who lost office on the Union of the two Western Colonies is the bearer, Mr Philip Hankin; Lieutenant in the Royal Navy. Mr Hankin, the records of your Lordships Office will shew, has been very highly commended by Mr Kennedy,andManuscript image and by Rear Admiral Denman. My own more limited knowledge of him leads me to regret that the absolute necessity for retrenchment in the public Departments compels me to deprive my Government of his services.
2. Mr Hankin was appointed to the Office of Superintendent of Police on the 23rd December 1864, at a Salary of £300 per annum, which appointment was subsequently confirmed by the Secretary of State.
TheManuscript image
3. The Duplicate of this Despatch shall be forwarded officially by the next opportunity.
I have the honor to be,
My Lord,
Your lordships most obedient
and humble Servant
Frederick Seymour
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Elliot
Lt Hankin has lost his Office in consequence of the Union of the 2 Colonies. He bears a good character, & Capn Kennedy is here to speak for him, if requisite.
ABd 6 Feby
Please annex the previous despatches in which it is said that he is favorably described.
TFE 7/2
Mr Elliot
FWF 7/2
Mr Hankin has lost office by the Union of B. Columbia and Vancouver and has come to England. The object of this despatch is to recommend him for employment. A strong testimonial is also given to him in a letter from Admiral Denman 1783. He was formerly a Lieutenant in the Navy and he has been Superintendent of Police at B. Columbia with £300 a year. He may very probably be a fit candidate for any similar appointment which may fall vacant.
TFE 4 March
The Union came very hardly on such cases.
CBA 6/4