Denman to Carnarvon
H.M.S. Sutlej
San Francisco
29th Decr 1866
My Lord,
I have had occasion frequently to avail myself of the Services of Mr Hankin, late Superintendent of Police at Victoria, Vancouver Island, and am anxious to bear my testimony to the great value of his experience, and of the very important Services he has rendered me on various occasions.
I wish especially to refer to October 1864, when he accompaniedmeManuscript image me in my Flag Ship to Clayoquot Sound, where I proceeded in order to enquire into the destruction of a British Vessel called the Kingfisher, and the Murder of the crew by the Natives. He was my principal Agent in the inquiries I instituted, especially in investigating the facts, and, in the measures that followed ending in the eventual punishment of the criminals.
His intelligence, intrepidity, and zeal were of the greatest assistance to me, and he displayed a knowledge of the Native character which impressed me with the highest opinion of his value.
The loss of his appointment by the Union of the Colonies ofBritishManuscript image British Columbia and Vancouver Island has induced me to address you on the subject of Mr Hankin's services, which were performed under my own eye, and will I trust excuse me in offering my testimony in his favor, which under other circumstances might perhaps be deemed irregular.
I have the honor to be, My Lord
Your Lordships most Obedient Servant
J. Denman
Rear Admiral and
Commander in Chief

The Right Honorable
The Earl of Carnarvon
&c &c &c
Secretary of State
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Private Secretary
To whom a recent desph from the Governor on the subject of Mr Hankin has been recently referred.
ABd 19 Feb