Johnstone to Secretary of State
34 Sackville Street
London W
24th March 1866 To the Right Honorable H.M. Secretary of State for the Colonies

Right Honble Sir,
At the suggestion of H.E. Governor Seymour, I take the liberty of addressing you for the purpose of seeking your assistance in a matter, perhaps not directly of an Official character, except so far as I feel certain you would be interested in maintaining honorable contact and integrity in all engaged in Her Majesty's Service.
Capt. H.M. Ball formerly of the 11th and afterwards in the 55th Regt is indebted to me £118.0.6 and I understand he is now Assistant Gold Commissioner and Police Magistrate at Quesnelmouth, British Columbia.
My business transactions with him commenced early in 1855 and from the manner of his dealings I had every reason to believe him all that I need have desired in a customer so that to accommodate him I advanced him £50 Cash in July 1857 on his acceptance at a month's date for that amount which was duly paid at maturity, and in April of the following year I received a further sum of £60 from him, leaving at that time a small balance of a few pounds only due to me.
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In September 1858 his Account had increased to about £20 by further goods supplied, at which time he informed me he required another temporary advance of £50 Cash, to which I assented taking his Acceptance at a month's date as on the former occasion. This Bill was renewed from time to time to meet his convenience, without the slightest pecuniary benefit to myself and the Account increased by further Goods supplied, when in January 1859 he requested his Acceptance then falling due might be held over for a few days and not presented for payment till I heard from him again, as some unexpected delay had taken place in some business he expected would have been arranged and from that time to the present the only communication I have had from him has been a request for a further loan which I naturally declined, and all my requests for a settlement remain unnoticed.
I doubt not that a communication from you will have the desired effect of arousing him from his indifference to my just claim and inducing him to act towards me in a becoming manner and saving me from further loss than I have already sustained by the rate of Bank Interest being so much in excess of what I charge for extended credit (vizt 5 per cent).
Trusting you will kindly lend me your aid in this matter.
I have the honor to be
Your most obedt Servt
J.B. Johnstone
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Elliot
Send copy of this Letter to the Acting Governor with an instruction to him to communicate it to Capn H.M. Ball, who is Acting Colonial Secy. Inform Mr Johnstone accy.
ABd 26 March
TFE 26 March
Other documents included in the file
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Elliot to Johnstone, 29 March 1866, stating that the matter had been referred to the colony.
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Draft reply, Cardwell to Acting Governor Birch, No. 13, 29 March 1866.