No. 5
16 January 1866
I have had the honor to receive your Despatch No. 115 of the 11th of October on the subject of Mr. Waddington's Petition relative to the Bute Inlet Road. I have also consulted Mr. Seymour in this Country, and I enclose, for your information, a copy of his communication.
IManuscript image
I cannot assent to making to Mr. Waddington the grants of land for which he has applied.
It is very desirable however to afford all reasonable encouragement to the formation of useful roads, and I shall be very willing to sanction a moderate extension of the duration of Mr. Waddington's Charter, if, in consultation with your Executive Council you are prepared to adopt that measure.
I enclose a copy of a letter to Mr. Waddington'sAttorneyManuscript image Attorney in this Country, appraising him of these views.
I have the honor to be
Your most obedient
humble servant
Edward Cardwell
The Officer Administering the Government
Other documents included in the file
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Copy, Seymour to Elliot, 13 January 1866, explaining that he believes Waddington's proposed Bute Inlet road to the Cariboo would benefit the colony to a "moderate extent" and that he would not grant any land to Waddington.
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Copy, Elliot to Churchill, 16 January 1866, advising that Cardwell will "leave it to the discretion of the Officer Administering the Government to grant…some extension of the duration of the Charter in pursuance of the request made by Mr Waddington" for financing of his Bute Inlet road.