No. 10
28th February 1866
With reference to the latter portion of your Despatch No. 113, of the 2nd October 1865, I have the honor to transmit to you, for your information and guidance, a copy of a letter from the War Office enclosing a list of themenManuscript image men belonging to the detachment of Royal Engineers employed under Colonel Moody in British Columbia who are entitled to the gratuities set against their names on settling in the Colony.
You will be careful to see that the instruction of the War Office as to the Medical Certificate is observed.
I have the honor to be
Your most obedient
humble servant
Edward Cardwell
The Officer Administering the Government
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Manuscript image
Copy, Lugard to the Under Secretary of State, 22 February 1866, authorising payment to Royal Engineers listed.
Manuscript image
List of Royal Engineers entitled to payment for settling in BC.
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Moody, Richard Clement

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