No. 11
1 October 1866
I learn that no final decision has ever been signified whether or not Mr. Trutch would be disqualified for retaining his Office of Surveyor General in British Columbia on account of the interest which he possesses directly or indirectly in a public bridge and road.
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On the one hand it is no doubt desirable that a Surveyor General and Engineer should not be supposed to be liable to be biassed in his judgment in the discharge of his duties by any particular work in which he has a private interest. On the other hand I understand that Mr. Trutch has always been represented to this Department to possess especially good qualifications for his Office and he has now held it since the early part of 1864. It would seem undesirable therefore to remove him, both as regards himself and as respects the Public which he is said to be so well qualified to serve, except on somepublicManuscript image public ground which cannot be questioned.
With these remarks I must leave it to you to report officially your opinion upon the subject before I adopt the final decision.
I have the honor to be
Your most obedient
Humble Servant
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