No. 19
14 November 1866
I have the honor to inform you that Governor Kennedy has called my attention to the claims advanced by the Government of Van Couver Island against that of British Columbia on account of the maintenance of Lighthouses andtheManuscript image the conveyance of Mails.
I observe that these subjects were severally brought under your notice whilst you were in this Country on the 31st October, and the 12th December 1865, but no official reply from you is on record in this office. As however the Union of the two Colonies necessarily entails measures for the adjustment of their respective liabilities, which will now devolve upon the arrangements which it will be best to make fortheManuscript image the settlement of these claims.
I have the honor to be
Your most obedient
humble servant
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Carnarvon, Earl

Kennedy, Arthur

Seymour, Frederick

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