No. 95
17th August 1867
My Lord Duke,
I have the honor to forward for Your Grace's consideration copy of a letter which has been addressed to the Colonial SecretarybyManuscript image by the Paymaster of the Steamer "Beaver," asking for the usual contribution of two hundred and fifty pounds (£250) for six months hire of the vessel.
2. I understand that the arrangement was made between my Predecessor and Captain Richards, the present Hydrographer of the Navy, that the survey of the Coast of British Columbia should be proceeded with so long as the Colony contributed fivehundredManuscript image hundred pounds (£500) a year towards the expense.
3. In consequence of financial embarrassments the usual Colonial contribution was not voted by the Council this year. Possibly Your Grace might sanction the payment from Imperial Funds of the entire expense of the Survey during the present and next year. I may add that greatly as we prize the work uponwhichManuscript image which the "Beaver" is employed, it is not in any way under Colonial control.
I have the honor to be,
My Lord Duke,
Your most obedient,
humble Servant
Frederick Seymour
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Elliot
The Governor suggests that in consequence of the financial embarrassments of the Colony the expense of the Survey of the coasts of B.C. should be borne by the Impl Govt for this & next year. The papers respg the financial difficulties are with you.
WR 22 Oct 67
Manuscript image
I should forwardthisManuscript image this despatch for the consideration of the L.C. of the Admiralty. I should state to them that so long as the resources of the Colony were adequate for the purpose, the Secretary of State thinks that it was very proper that it should contribute towards the survey of it's Coasts. But I should express regret that the finances of British Columbia have fallen into such embarrassment that the Colony for the present cannot meet it's actual debts, and is quite unable to carry on any service which can possibly be dispensed with. The salaries of the Public Officers are largely in arrear.
Under these circumstances it would be for their Lordships to decide whether or not the Survey should be continued at the charge of Naval funds, but it must otherwise be left off as the Colony is no longer in condition to provide for any part of the Expense.
TFE 26 Octr
CBA 28/10
B&C 29/10
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
Manuscript image
Frederick Lima, Paymaster, to Colonial Secretary, 23 July 1867, requesting payment for hire of the Beaver.
Other documents included in the file
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Rogers to Secretary to the Admiralty, 6 November 1867, forwarding copy of the despatch and asking whether the survey should be continued at the charge of naval funds.