Hammond to Under-Secretary of State
December 9. 1867
I have laid before Lord Stanley your letters of the 19th and 20th of November and of the 3rd Instant asking for His Lordship's opinion as to the instructions that should be sent to the Governor of Vancouver's Island on certain points connected with the cession of Russian America to the United States, and I am directed by His Lordship tostateManuscript image state to you in reply, for the information of His Grace the Duke of Buckingham and Chandos, that he does not see on what ground Great Britain could object to the establishment of an American military post opposite Fort Simpson.
With regard to the facilities respecting cattle requested by The United States Officers, Lord Stanley considers that they should in common courtesy be granted, independently of their being beneficial to the Colony. HisLordshipManuscript image Lordship also thinks that the Governor should give his advice, if asked for, to the American Authorities respecting the control over the Indians, and that if he could arrange the river limit it might be desirable to do so, that is to say if the possession of one or more Rocky Islets is likely to be of importance.
Lord Stanley will consult the Queen's Advocate as to how far under International Law, the UnitedStatesManuscript image States are now bound by the Treaty between Great Britain and Russia of 1825.
I am,
Your most obedient
humble Servant,
E. Hammond
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Sir F. Rogers
Lord Stanley wishes that every facility should be given to the American Authorities in regard to supply of meat to their troops in Sitka & that the Governor should give his advice as to controlling the Indians &c within the new American territory.
Embody the substance of this letter in a Confl despatch to Govr Seymour adding that he may expect a further communication as to the Treaty of 1825.
WR 12 Decr 67
FR 12/12
CBA 13/12
B&C 14/12
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Draft reply, Buckingham to Seymour, No. 101, 28 December 1867 informing Seymour of Stanley’s reply regarding the US acquisition of Russia’s North American territory and the impact on British Columbia.
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The question of remission of duties on stock passing through B.C. & still more of Military Escorts to attend such passages of cattle do not seem to have attracted Ld S's special notice.
But I suppose the Govr may be trusted for details of arrangt.