Fitzwilliam to Buckingham
The Vancouver Coal Mining and Land Company Limited
No 85, Gresham Street, E.C.
May 21st 1867
My Lord Duke,
A Memorial signed by the Holders of British Columbia Bonds and representatives of Commercial, Banking, Landed and other Interests in the Colony of British Columbia has been shown to the Directors of this Company, in which reasons are assigned by the Memoralists for retaining Victoria as the seat of Government, and they have been informed that the Governor and Committee of the Hudson's Bay Company, and the Governor and Directors of the Banks of British Columbia and British North America have also addressed your Grace upon the subject.
Having expended a great amount of CapitalManuscript image in Vancouver Island, having considerable business transactions with the Bankers and Merchants of Victoria and being deeply interested in the future prosperity of the Colony, the Directors of this Company beg to express their concurrence in that portion of the Memorial where it is suggested to your Grace that Victoria should be selected as the future seat of the Government.
I have the honor to be
My Lord Duke
Your Lordship's very obedient Servant

C.W. Fitzwilliam
Minutes by CO staff
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Sir F Rogers
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CC 27 May
FR 28/5
CBA 29/5
B&C 31/5
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Adderley to Chairman, Vancouver Coal Mining and Land Company, 6 June 1867, advising that the decision had been held over pending receipt of additional information from the colony.