McNab to Buckingham
31st July 1867
My Lord Duke,
Since the date of my letter of the 9th May last the Directors of this Bank have seen a published report of Governor Seymour's message to the Legislative Council of British Columbia dated 27th March last, together with a report of Resolutions passed by the Legislative Council on the subject of the Capital of the Colony. These resolutions state that, The Council having taken into consideration His Excellency the Governor's Message relating to the Seat of Government, as well as the numerous and numerouslysignedManuscript image signed Petitions from all parts of the country, praying that Victoria may be made the Seat of Government, Resolve, That were the seat of Government placed in Victoria it would be consonant with the desire of the public, advantageous to the administration, conducive to the best interest of that country, and diminish the cost of Government;
That without wishing to embarrass the Executive in any way the Council would urge that such steps should be taken as may to His Excellency seem best towards carrying out the desire of the Petitioners;
That His Excellency the Governor be humbly solicited to cause the next Session of the Legislature to be holden in Victoria.
The Directors of this Bank desire very respectfully to be allowed to call the attention of your Grace to theseresolutions,Manuscript image resolutions, and to the fact noticed therein that numerous and numerously signed petitions have been presented from all parts of the country praying that Victoria may be made the Seat of Government, and to express on behalf of the Bank the hope that your Grace will take such steps as may be necessary to secure that the general feelings of the Colonists, and of parties interested in the Colony, shall be allowed its due weight in the settlement of the question.
I have the honor to be,
My Lord Duke,
Your very obedient Servant
C.M. McNab
Minutes by CO staff
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Sir F Rogers
Vide 7258 herewith.
I have recently forwarded on a Petition signed by Mr Anderson & others on this subject. 7528.
CC 9 Aug
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Usual answer, that H.G. must await Govrs dph.
FR 2/8
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Better merely civilly acknowledge.
CBA 5/8
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Yes at once.
B&C 6/8
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Elliot to McNab, 13 August 1867, acknowledging receipt of letter.