Anonymous to Secretary of State
London Ontario
23rd Sept 1867 To the Secretary of State Colonial Department London, England

Knowing that considerations of importance are involved in the inclosed; I, therefore, respectfully submit them to your profound meditations, and, respectfully,
I am Sir,
Your obt Servant
M.G. for Progress in
Wisdom as the law of
Mind, and the Universes
existing in Space
N.B. As for the intercolonial Rail way it will never pay working expenses. Portland, Boston or New York are the natural winter Ports of Canada. As for the Military use of this intended Rail way from Halifax N.S. it would be a huge trap to involve British Troops in disaster when snowed up with 20 or 30 feet of Snow with part of the Road in possession of the Lumber Men & [illegible] of Main!
Minutes by CO staff
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Registered under letter "M".
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Sir F. Rogers
Vide Article enclosed from "Free Press." Put by—an anonymous communication.
FR 10/10
CBA 11/10
B&C 12/10
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
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Newspaper clipping, The Free Press, 17 September 1867, reporting on conditions in Vancouver Island and British Columbia, and the proposed railway link to Canada as a condition for joining confederation.