Tindal to Buckingham
20th May 1867
My Lord Duke,
I venture to ask your Grace to assist me in your official position to ascertain whether a nephew of mine (by name William Ernest De Veulle) who went out to Vancouvers Island some years ago be alive or dead; and I trust that your Grace will pardon this intrusion upon your valuable timenowManuscript image now so fully occupied.
My nephew left behind him a wife (since dead) and three small children; he went to the diggings at Vancouver's Island, and was heard from last about a year ago, and I am desirous to prove his death for the sake of placing his children in the receipt of the Income of some settled property.
I have lately received intelligence proceedingfromManuscript image from a Mr Good, who married a daughter of Mr Douglas late Governor of Vancouver's Island, and who holds some Government appointment in the Island, that my nephew had recently been found drowned.
If your Grace could, by causing this letter to be forwarded to some Official person in the Colony with directions to him to make enquiry into the facts, with the view to obtain Evidence of the death, IshouldManuscript image should be extremely obliged.
The young man would be readily identified as his left arm had been broken and, not having been properly set, he had a stiff Elbow joint.
With many apologies for thus troubling you.
I have the Honor to be
Your Grace's
faithful Servant
Acton Tindal

His Grace
The Duke of Buckingham & Chandos
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Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Jadis
The Duke will be obliged by Your sending a copy of this to the Govr of B. Columbia requesting him to make the requisite inquiries.
HSB 22.5.67
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Draft reply, Buckingham to Seymour, No. 27, 23 May 1867 asking Seymour to inquire about De Veulle’s condition and provide proof to the Colonial Office.