Watson to Adderley (Parliamentary Under-Secretary)
3rd August 1867
I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your despatch dated the First Instant acquainting me, in reply to my letter of the 16th of July last on the subject of my appointment as Colonial Treasurer of Vancouver Island, that His Grace The Secretary of State cannot hold out any prospect of re-employment.
In reply, I have the honor to request that You will submit for the considerationofManuscript image of His Grace, my application for such Pension or other compensation as Her Majesty's Government may deem suitable in consideration of the loss of office which I at present hold under the Royal Commission dated the 28th day of April 1862.
You will observe by reference to the copy of a letter of guarantee which I received from the Colonial Secretary, previous to the resignation of my former employment, dated the 28th December 1861—Enclosure No 1 with my letter of the 16th of July—that the emoluments of office guaranteed to me at that time were as follows, namely,
1. Four hundred pounds per annum to be paid out of the General Revenue undertheManuscript image the authority of the Vancouver Island Civil List Act of 28th August 1860 which has not yet been repealed.
2. One hundred pounds per annum to be provided out of the Sales of Public Land.
I am fully aware that the control of the General Revenues of Vancouver Island has passed, by the Act of Union, into the hands of the Legislature of British Columbia, without any provision having been made for the officers composing the Fixed Establishment of Vancouver Island; but as the control of the Crown Revenues of the late Colony is still vested in the Crown I presume that, in any adjustment which may take place under the new administration, my claim of One Hundred PoundsperManuscript image per annum will be recognized.
I have the honor to be,
Your most obedient
and humble Servant
Alexander Watson

The Right Honourable
C.B. Adderley
Under Secretary of State
for the Colonies
Downing Street
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Mr Elliot
Mr Watson has no claim as he threw up an appt given to him of equal Salary when he lost his former one—& in addition he had 6 month's leave of absence to enable him to come home, on full Salary.
See your Minute on 5080.
CC 5 Aug
Manuscript image
I should remind him that another appointment in the Colony, with the same Emolument as he was previously receiving, was offered to him, & that he declined.
The vacancies which occur in the Colonies are rare, & the claimants numerous, & the S. of State regrets that he has no prospect of being able to offer Mr Watson other employment.
TFE 8 August
CBA 9/8
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Elliot to Watson, 21 August 1867, reminding him that he had given up an offer of employment with equal salary to his previous office, and that the Secretary of State could offer no prospect of being able to offer him other employment.