No. 97
14 December 1867
I have received your Despatch noted in the margin
No. 130—27 Sept. 1867
‹133—28 " "
Secret ‹25 " "
respecting the state of the finances of British Columbia, and announcing the cessation of regular communication between that Colony and San Francisco. I have also received a telegraminManuscript image in which you request to be allowed to draw on the British Treasury for £50,000.
I have received these communications with great concern. They are at present engaging the anxious attention of Her Majesty's Government and I hope to be able soon to inform you what nature and amount of regular communication ought in their opinion to be maintained between British Columbia and Great Britain, and in what manner in their opinion the cost should be provided.
IManuscript image
I regret that I am unable to collect either from your telegram or from the Despatches which I have noticed any facts which you would justify Her Majesty's Government in authorizing the large advance which you seek by telegram from the Imperial Treasury to aid in defraying the liabilities of the Government of the Colony.
With regard to your repeated observations to the effect that British Columbia does not receive that pecuniary assistance from the GovernmentofManuscript image of Great Britain which their neighbours receive from the Federal Government of the United States. I must remind you that the inhabitants of the United States who are aided by the Federal Revenue are called upon to contribute towards that General Revenue. I will only repeat in conclusion that the whole of the questions referred to in your Despatches are receiving the earnest attention of Her Majesty's Government.
I have the honor to be
Your most obedient
humble Servant
Buckingham & Chandos
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