No. 24
New Westminster
19th March 1868
My Lord Duke,
I have had the honor to receive Your Grace's Circular despatch of the 9th January, enquiring if this Colony would be prepared to adopt andmakeManuscript image make provision for the expense of the return passages of distressed persons belonging to it, whom Consuls at Foreign Ports or the Governors of other Colonies may deem it necessary to send to their homes.
2. In reply I beg to state that the question has but little application to British Columbia. The Colony is so young that thereisManuscript image is hardly a native of sufficient age to come within the circumstances contemplated. All those who have property in the Colony are doing sufficiently well to pay their own passages. I should not consider it reasonable that the Treasury should pay for the return of the many reckless miners who leave Victoria for thesuperiorManuscript image superior attractions of San Francisco during the winter and desire to return to the Gold Fields with the spring.
I have the honor to be,
My Lord Duke,
Your most obedient,
humble Servant.
Frederick Seymour
Minutes by CO staff
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CC 16 June
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Sir F. Rogers
How should this be treated?—as a refusal & sent to F.O. accordingly?—or be kept with other answers for future collective treatment?
AWLH 17/6/68
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Treat it as declining. At once.
FR 17/6
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Rogers to Under-Secretary of State, Foreign Office, 25 June 1868, forwarding copy of the despatch along with others from the colonies of Canada, South Australia, and Western Australia, all declining to defray costs for returning citizens.