Denny to Under-Secretary of State
7 St. Martins Place
Trafalgar Square
26 October 1868
I beg to enclose a letter from Rear Admiral & Commander in Chief, the Honorable George Fowler Hastings, directing me upon giving up command of Her Majesty's Gun Boat "Forward" to proceed to England by Mail Steamer, and, in compliance with a request by His Excellency Governor Seymour, to take charge of the Great Seal of the late Colony of Vancouver Island and to deliver the same into the hands of Her Majesty's Secretary of State for the Colonies. I performed this duty and also brought with me a Dispatch for His Grace the Duke of Buckingham which I delivered with the Great Seal at the Colonial Office in Downing Street.
Having come home by the Packet on promotion but not on any special Admiralty duty I am compelled by the Admiralty regulationsManuscript image to pay one third of my passage home. Had I been employed on any special service by that department I should have been relieved from this charge. I solicit therefore you will be pleased to direct that some remuneration may be awarded to me for the safe custody and delivery of the Seal & Despatch herein mentioned to the Secretary of State. If this request cannot be complied with may I solicit you will be pleased to recommend the Lords of the Admiralty, having had a duty to perform, to relieve me of the one third passage money.
I have the honor to be
Your Most obedt St
D'Arcy A. Denny
Commander R.N.
The Under Secretary
of State for the Colonies
Minutes by CO staff
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Sir F. Rogers
When Vancouver Isd was absorbed in the Colony of Bh Columbia the Governor was desired to send home the Seal of the late Colony by hand through some Officer of the Navy or through some other secure Channel. Commander Denny was coming home on his promotion & he was entrusted with it by the Admiral on the station. He now asks some remuneration for the safe custody and delivery of the seal or if this cannot be granted that he may be recommended to the Admiralty for the remission of what he paid for his passage home and which he would not have paid if he had been sent home on Admiralty Service. It does not appear that he was put to any special charges for executing this service and on this ground I suppose that the Secy of State would decline to comply with either application.
GG 3/11
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I think so indeed—a bit of useless old silver.
FR 3/11
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He merely asks that we will let this be an excuse for making up his 1/3 Passage. I think it may be declined at once; as obviously inadmissable.
CBA 6/11
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Rogers to Denny, 17 November 1868, denying his request for compensation for his passage.