British & Irish Magnetic Telegraph Company, Limited

To Earl Granville
Colonial Office
Downing Street London

Received 15 June 1869

Governor Seymour died on board the Sparrow Hawk at Bellacola on the tenth June while on a tour of inspection along the Northwest coast of British Columbia. I, as senior member of the Executive Council have assumed the Government pending instructions and have appointed Mr Good to act as Colonial Secretary.
Minutes by CO staff
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Sir F. Rogers
I send you a proof copy of the Papers about to be presented to Parl: relative to the Union of B. Columbia with Canada.
A revised copy will come before you for approval when ready, but on reading the Papers it has occurred to me that assuming that the Home Govt are desirous of forwarding theManuscript image Union, the present Papers unaccompanied by any decided expression of opinion would have a bad effect.
The most that has been said is in the despatch to Sir J. Young of the 2 June 1869 (p 9) where you will find "if Confederation is desired by the Inhabitants of the Dominion & of B.C. HM's Govt will readily do all in their power to promote it.
And in the despatch to Govr Musgrave on his appt which is notManuscript image included here he is told "among the questions which will most immediately press on your attention is that of the Incorporation of B.C. with the D. of Canada. On this question I shall probably have occasion to address you shortly &c."
I have been told that the annex[at]ionists with Canada are the major party, those with the United States the more stirring—but that an expression of decided opinion on the part of the Home Govt in favorManuscript image of Union with Canada would not only instil energy & activity into the 1t named party, but would convert many of the latter.
If this is the case it appears to me to deserve consideration whether a decided expression on the part of the Home Govt should not at once be made public.
CC 19 July 69
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Mr Monsell
1) I doubt the propriety of printing the dph No 2 from Sir J. Young in p 7 and the confl answer No 6 in p 9.
2) I am disposed to write a careful dph to Gov. Musgrave in view of the annexation of the HBC & backing Confederation.
FR 20/7
WM 21/7
G 26/7
Other documents included in the file
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Draft telegram, Colonial Office to Hankin, 15 June 1869, announcing appointment of Governor Musgrave.
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Telegram, Granville to Musgrave, announcing death of Seymour and his appointment as governor of British Columbia.
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Draft reply, Granville to Hankin, No. 59, 17 June 1869.
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Draft reply, Granville to Musgrave, Newfoundland, No. 13, 17 June 1869, with discussion of his future role in British Columbia.
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Draft reply, Granville to Young, Canada, No. 165, 16 August 1869, forwarding copy of despatch to Musgrave for information.
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Draft reply, Granville to Musgrave, No. 84, 14 August 1869.
Minutes by CO staff
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This is intended for the "careful dph" sanctioned by Lord G—on the annexed Minute of Mr Cox.
The objects are to satisfy the Canadians—to give a little momentum to the Unionist party in BC to direct Govt Servants, & also to allay their fears as to uncompensated loss of place—to furnish our friends with the most persuasive argts that we here have at hand and not to abandon power, or to give occasion to any cry that the Home Govt is assuming it. Finally to print well for Parlt.
FR 2/7
WM 3/8
G 12/8