No. 13
21st June 1869
My Lord,
With reference to Your Despatch No 23 of 13th April, transmitting copy of a letter from the Crown Agents, respecting the liabilities of thisGovernmentManuscript image Government on account of the British Columbia and Vancouver Island Loans, both as regards interest and Sinking fund, I have the honor to report to Your Lordship the course which has been pursued in this matter.
2. The sum to be remitted yearly to England on account of Sinking Fund and Interest is about Twenty five thousand pounds (£25,000), and it has been our customtoManuscript image to forward a sum of Two thousand pounds (£2000), on the 1st of each month, with an extra sum of One thousand pounds (£1000) in the Month of June to make up the amount.
3. During the year 1869 this has been done with great regularity; the sums forwarded having been as follows—
January £1500
February 2000
March 2160
Manuscript imageApril 2000
May 2000
June 3500
Total £13160
or a sum of Thirteen thousand one hundred and sixty pounds, in six months.
Occasionally, however, consequent on the great irregularity of our Mails the monthly payment may have been deferred for two or three weeks and thus has arisen theapparentManuscript image apparent irregularity complained of in Your Lordship's Despatch No 23 of 13th April.
4. The payments for the remainder of the year, will be regularly made as follows—
July £2500
August 2000
September 2300
October 2000
November 2000
December 2000
IManuscript image
I beg to solicit Your Lordships approval of this arrangement, and will be glad to know if such payments will be considered sufficient to meet the regular and incidental liabilities of the Colony for the remainder of the year, or if any larger sums are considered necessary for that purpose.
I have the honor to be
My Lord,
Your Lordship's most obedient
humble Servant
Philip J. Hankin
Administering the Government
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Sir F. Rogers
To the Agents for Report.
CC 21/7
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At once.
FR 21/7
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Sandford to Crown Agents, 24 July 1869, forwarding copy of the despatch and additional correspondence for observations.