No. 22
26th June 1869
My Lord,
I have the honor to transmit for Your Lordship's information, and with reference to my despatch No. 1 of 14th Instant, reportinguponManuscript image upon the death of Governor Seymour, copy of a report which I have received from Mr Trutch, Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, who accompanied Governor Seymour in Her Majesty's Ship "Sparrowhawk" on his visit to the North West Coast of British Columbia.
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*See 95/7502-69, 126/798-68, Admy/7943-68, 60/7430-68, 129/11759/67.
2. All has been perfectly quiet here, and no inconvenience has arisen to the Public Service from my havingassumedManuscript image assumed the Government of the Colony.
I have the honor to be
My Lord,
Your Lordship's most obedient
humble Servant
Philip J. Hankin
Administering the Government
Minutes by CO staff
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Sir F. Rogers
Mr Trutch the Commr of Lands gives an account [of] his visit to the North West Coast of B.C. He accompanied Governor Seymour on his official tour in the Sparrowhawk, during which Cruize Govr Seymour died.
I would in the 1t instance refer you to the minutes on the Governor's despatch 798—respecting anManuscript image Indian quarrel & massacre or murder, & the despatch addressed to Mr Seymour on this subject.
From Mr Trutch's letter & report you will see that this affair is considered & has been dealt with as an Indian quarrel—& that both Tribes were had on board & that, their differences having been settled, a Treaty of PeaceManuscript image was signed by them in the presence of the Governor—& they were then informed by the Governor that he allowed them on this occasion for the last time to make compensation to each other, according to custom for friends & relations killed, & injuries inflicted, but that for the future the barbarous system must be given up, & that henceforth they must live according to English Law, & that if they offended agstManuscript image that Law, every means would be taken to apprehend & punish them. Having been feasted & presents of pipes &c given to each they then mixed together with the greatest cordiality.
In Mr Trutch's Report you will also find an account of his investigation into a complaint of some white people agst the Bella Coolla Indians—of which we have also an account from one of the complaining party—Mr Fletcher—see 8130.Manuscript image From his account it appears that an Interior Indian named "Ju-juc-manni" who was stopping at "Bella Coola in Tom's house (Tom is one of the principal Bella Coola Indians) came hovering around Feak's house apparently watching for some one. Shortly Ju-juc manni stepped to the edge of Feak's fence, & lodging his gun on it he shot one of the Boys named Mens-Steetkla"—who was badly hurt having 13 shot wounds. Attempts were made to effect a reconciliation—but without effect for it is stated that "Clu-qual-i-note,Manuscript image one of the Boys relations went across the river & shot Ji-juc-manni dead."
Mr Trutch says Captain Pender came on board & brought some letters for the Govr from Mr Feak in charge of the Hudson's Bay Cos trading Post at Bella Coola & two white Settlers complaining of the threatening conduct of the Indians—& that they were afraid of their lives—but it does not appear that they called attention to the shooting [of] the boy & the death by shooting of Ji-Juc Manni whoManuscript image shot the Boy.
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It is mentioned in Mr Trutch's account, but not investigated.
Mr T. summoned some of the Natives on board & a Chief explained "that there were some few bad men among them, but that the tribe generally were very friendly to White People. That some of the Indians from the interior whilst at Bella Coola last winter had talked with these bad people of his tribe & had tried to concoct a plan for killing & stabbing the White People, but that the great Majority were entirely opposed to such wickedness" & he was certain since a Man of War had come up there wd be no fear of the White PeopleManuscript image being further injured.
Mr Trutch says it is impossible to exercise any supervision or control over either Indians or White People at such remote Posts.
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Wh may be true.
CC 22/7
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I should ackne this very interesting report, and express satisfaction both at the prompt manner in wh Mr Seymour started for Metlakatla on receiving Ld G's dph of the 7h of March and at his success in accommodating a quarrel, wh if left to itself mt have produced very serious results in asserting the cause of improvement among the Indians. Gov. Seymour certainly died in the perfe of a good work.
FR 27/7
G 28/7
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
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J.W. Trutch, Chief Commissioner of Lands & Works, to Officer Administering the Government, 26 June 1869, enclosing a report of the journey on board the Sparrowhawk, with lengthy comments and explanations.
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Report by Trutch "of the proceedings in connection with the visit of H.E. the late Governor in H.M.S. Sparrowhawk to the North West Coast of British Columbia" (42 pages).
Other documents included in the file
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Draft reply, Granville to Musgrave, No. 77, 2 August 1869.