Blake, Ernest Edward
Born in 1845, Sir Ernest Edward Blake was a Colonial Office official from 1863 to 1908. 1 In 1863, Blake began as an assistant junior clerk.2 Amongst many of his duties as a clerk, Blake wrote the Colonial Office minutes for many despatches between colonial officials such as Governor Seymour3 and Sir Anthony Musgrave.4 In 1874, Blake became the private secretary to the Secretary of State, John Woodehose, the 1st Earl of Kimberly. 5 In 1879, he became a first-class clerk, and subsequently was promoted as the head of the general department in the Colonial Office.6 In 1901, he became a senior agent of the Colonial Office and subsequently was knighted under the Order of St. Michael and St. George.7 However, in 1908, Blake resigned from the Colonial Office due to ongoing criticism of his autocratic management style in his department and the Colonial Office as a whole.8 He was married to Catherine Isabella, daughter of a London shipping engineer, and had two children with her.9 In 1920, Blake passed away due to a heart attack.10
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