Tilley to Rogers (Permanent Under-Secretary)
General Post Office
11 February 1869
I have laid before the Postmaster General your letter of the 6th instant, enclosing the copy of a despatch from the Governor of British Columbia, dated 21st Decr last, on the subject of the new postal arrangements between this country and British Columbia.
Mr Seymour refers to a communication lately made by this Department to the Colonial Postmaster General, in which it is stated that letters posted in England, whether paid or unpaid, will be forwarded to British Columbia, and a suggestion is made that the samecourseManuscript image course should be followed in the Colony with respect to letters for this Country; and he points out that the system of compulsory prepayment, proposed in the Duke of Montrose's letter to the Treasury of the 12th August 1867, would be much more convenient to the Colony.
I am desired by the Marquis of Hartington to request that you will inform Earl Granville that when the Governor's despatch of the 21st Ultimo was written, he had evidently not received a copy of the letter which I wrote to you on this subject on the 11th November last, explaining the reason why it would not be expedient to make the prepaymentcompulsoryManuscript image compulsory upon letters between this country and British Columbia.
On receipt of that letter the Governor will no doubt concur in the arrangements proposed by this Office.
I am,
Your most obedient Servant
John Tilley
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Sir F. Sandford
See minute on 1275. Refer the Govr to our despatch of 25 Nov. sending him a copy of the P.O. letter of the 11 Nov. referred to.
CC 12/2
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At once.
FRS 12/2
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Draft reply, Granville to Seymour, No. 13, 15 February 1869 referring Seymour to a previous despatch containing correspondence from the Post Office.