Villars to Granville
London, 11 King William Street E.C.
2 December 1869
My Lord,
On the 5th of October 1868 a memorial was forwarded to the then Secretary of State for the Colonies signed by all the companies and firms connected with British Columbia, and by other colonists then in England in favour of the inclusion of that colony in the Reciprocity Treaty about to be renewedbetweenManuscript image between the United States and the Dominion of Canada.
His Grace the Duke of Buckingham stated in reply on 19th October 1868, that he would communicate upon the subject with the Governors of the Dominion and of British Columbia.
Since that time the further progress of this matter is shown by the Papers on "Union of British Columbia with the Dominion of Canada" (Parliamentary Paper, 3rd August, 1869.)
An announcement has also lately been made in the public newspapers that a new Reciprocity Treaty has been drafted at Washington byManuscript image the representatives of Canada and the United States.
I am now requested, on the part of the memorialists, to bring under your Lordship's notice the prayer of their memorial referred to, namely, "that steps may be taken to secure that the benefits of the Reciprocity Treaty shall be extended to all the British North American Colonies which shall desire its extension to them, and shall modify their tariffs to its requirements."
The Confederation of British Columbia with the Dominion appearing tobeManuscript image be made dependent on the opening of an overland communication, which may be delayed, there is reason to fear that the Treaty of Reciprocity between the Dominion and the United States may precede the admission of British Columbia into the Dominion, in which case British Columbia, while unconfederated, would not share in the advantages of the Treaty unless special provision were made to that effect.
Your Lordship, it is hoped, will take such further steps in this matter as may seem fit.
I have the honor to be
My Lord
Your lordships humble Servant
Alexander Villars
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Sir F. Sandford
It appears from the Presidents message in todays "Times" that the renewal of a treaty for reciprocal Trade with Canada has not been favourably considered by the Administration as the advantages of such a treaty would be wholly in favour of Canada.
Some arrangments however for the regulation of Commerical intercourse between the US & Canada may be desirable.
Copy of this to Govr of B.C. & Canada & F.O. & inform writer that this has been done & perhaps referring him to the Prests message.
Mr Dealtry to see.
WR 7/12/69
FRS 7/12
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The matter stands thus.
A year ago (Oct 5, 1868, 10993 B.C.) persons in England started the idea of a Reciprocity Treaty betn B.C. and the U.S. Correspondence followed.
It appeared that the F.O. considered the occasion for raising such a Question inopportune. While on the other hand the Legve Council of B.C. and certain merchants & others who are probably persons of influence in the Legve Council send thro the Govr (4619 & 5396/1869) express[ing] themselves to the follg effect.
1. Legislative Council .in +4 +0 (a) It is desirable to consider a Treaty wh wd admit a list of articles (there enumerated) free of duty betn U.S. & B.C. (b) but that they are not prepared to say in the [deal?] that a Canadian reciprocityManuscript image Treaty wd be good for them. .in -4 +0
2. Merchants & others
Agree as to (b), observing that the old Canadian Reciprocity Treaty wd be objectionable, as it admits agricultural, dairy & Horticultural productions wh require protection in B.C.
Agree as to (a) observing that the articles of real importance are Coal, Lumber, Fish, Oil, & Cranberries. The rest signify comparatively little & may be much left to discretion of framers of Treaty.
Seem not to know their own minds as to the value of a treaty in the abstract (wh is natural).
But hope that the Colony willManuscript image be secured the option of coming into any Treaty which may be made.
We have promised B. Columbia (1303) and the F.O. have promised us (1421) that the matter shall be "borne in mind." And we must take care to redeem our pledge. ([Crips?] 1421 is not here.)
I should be disposed first (as we do not know in what shape or at what time the question may come upon us) to send Mr Rose copies of the encloses to 4619, and 5396, and a copy of this asking for any suggestions.
We shd then see 1t what are the objections, if any, to the probably one sided proposal of the British Columbians (one sided as to agricultural produce &c I mean) 2. Whether there are any objections to the proposalManuscript image which is their pis aller but the substantive proposal of the present letter writer & I suppose of the English companies. 3. Whether the matter can be so treated as to advance or retard confederation.
Till we have communicated with Mr Rose I would not answer this letter.
FR 9/12
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I agree.
G 20/12
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Sandford to John Rose, Canadian Delegate, 28 December 1869, forwarding copies of correspondence relating to reciprocity treaty for observations.