Fisher to R. Gladstone
British Hotel
Cockspur Street
June 18th 69
Dear Sir
I take the liberty of forwarding to you the enclosed letter of introduction given me by my Fathers friend Mr Avison. I was anxious to deliver the same to you personally & explain more fully my mission, but yourManuscript image not being at home and my presence being required in London prevented me from so doing. I am sent to this country from British Columbia as a delegate to present certain petitions from the colonists to the Government one of which I beg to enclose & I should feel greatly obliged to you if you would kindly help me in any way to further the difficult tasks I have undertaken.
Manuscript image
I venture to ask you in the first place for a letter to the Prime minister as I am most anxious to obtain a short interview with him, or the Sec: of State for the colonies to enable me to bring my case before them. And secondly if you could give me any letters of introduction to Members of Parliament they would materially further my cause & I think after the explanations whichManuscript image I could give them would assist me. I regret troubling you in the matter, but my deep anxiety to do the best I can for the distant colony which I have been sent home to represent will I trust excuse me for the liberty I have taken in writing to you.
Trusting that my request may meet with your favorable consideration.
I remain my dear Sir
Your obedient servant
WM Fisher

Minutes by CO staff
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Sir F. Rogers
See note from Mr Gordon attached. I suppose this must be taken as a request for an interview with Lord Granville in regard to the matter contained in the Petition.
In the Governor's despatch of the 30 Nov last you will find a like Petition to the Queen & also a copy of thisManuscript image Petition—your Minute on that despatch gives all needful information.
CC 23/6
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I have nothing to add to it.
I should like the N. Westminster [inhabitants] to have every advantage wh could fairly be given them—for I do not doubt that they are a better set than the V.C.I. people. But I see no escape from the conclusions wh have [been] adopted & of wh they complain.
FR 26/6
WM 26/6
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Thursday at 4.
RM 14/7
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
Manuscript image
W.B. Gordon to Meade, 23 June 1869, forwarding letter sent to Gladstone by his brother, with enclosures.
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Printed copy of petition from the Town Council of New Westminster concerning the question of compensation for the loss of their status as the capital of British Columbia.
Manuscript image
Printed copy of proclamation signed by Governor James Douglas, 20 July 1859, announcing that "Her Majesty the Queen has been graciously pleased to decide that the Capital of British Columbia shall be styled the City of New Westminster."