Hill to Granville
14 Woburn Square
16th June 1869
My Lord
I have just heard that the Government of British Columbia is vacant and I beg leave to offer myself as a Candidate for that Government.
I have served Forty four Years including Eighteen Years as Governor & Governor in Chief and Eight Years as Consul General, and I trust my long and faithful Services in the worst climates includingElevenManuscript image Eleven Years on the West Coast of Africa may be considered a claim for employment.
The Records of my Conduct and Character as Soldier and Governor are in the Colonial Office and I may venture to assure your Lordship that few Governors have higher Testimonials, and whilst I have on all occasions Carried into Effect the Instructions of the Colonial Minister it has been my Good fortune as shown by the Valedictory Address forwarded to Your Lordship to have won the respect and Confidence of all classes of Her Majesty's Subjects under my administration.
Manuscript image
Should you My Lord be graciously pleased to entrust to my Care the Government of British Columbia it will be my earnest endeavour to Merit the Confidence reposed in Me, and I shall ever feel grateful to Your Lordship's Generous Consideration of my Services.
I have the honor to be
My Lord
Your Lordship's
Most Obedient
humble Servant
Stephen J. Hill
(late) Governor in Chief
Leeward Islands
Minutes by CO staff
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CC 17/6
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Ackne adding that since writing his letter he has become aware that the Govt is filled up.
FR 18/6
WM 19/6
G 28/6
Other documents included in the file
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Monsell to Hill, 30 June 1869, advising that the vacancy in British Columbia had been filled.