Seymour (Mrs.) to Granville
Mereworth Rectory
28th Augt 1869
My Lord
I have to thank Your Lordship very gratefully for your kind expressions of sympathy with me in the terrible affliction, with which I have been visited, and at the same time to tell Your LordshipManuscript image how truly gratified I was to see the very flattering terms, in which you have spoken of the services rendered by my dear husband to the Colony of British Columbia, of which he was in charge up to the time of his most deeply deplored death.
May I venture to address Your Lordship on a subject of much importance to me andManuscript image to ask Your Lordship to kindly interest yourself in my behalf in furtherance of some claim I think I may have on Her Majesty's Government for a sum of £500, to defray the expenses of my journey home from the Colony. More particularly as I have reason for believing that had my dear husband been spared to accompany meManuscript image home, at the expiration of his term of office he would have been entitled to the sum of £800 in defrayment of his passage to this Country.
Hoping that Your Lordship will take my request into your favourable consideration.
I beg to remain
Yr Lordships Very Obedient
Florence M. Seymour
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Sir F. Sandford
Mr Seymour assumed the Govt 20 April 1864—so that in April 1870 he would have become entitled to the Passage Allowance home.
But I do not at this moment recollect a precedent in favor of Mrs Seymours application.
CC 8/9
Manuscript image
There is a precedent in the case of Sir D. Daly (S. Australia) wh wd justify the 500. Recommend on the strength of that precedent.
FR 8/9
G 10/9
Manuscript image
Noted (p. 180).
JSL 9/10/69
Other documents included in the file
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Rogers to Secretary to the Treasury, 20 September 1869, forwarding copy of Mrs. Seymour's letter for consideration and recommending approval of the grant.
Manuscript image
Birch to Meade, 2 September 1869, enclosing Mrs. Seymour's letter to Granville, along with one from Mrs. Seymour to Birch in which she asks him to forward the former to Granville.