Lewes, John S.
Born in Deptford, England, John Sayer Lewes was an accountant, manager, and first-class financial clerk in the Colonial Office starting in  1868.1 He remained in England throughout his extensive career in colonial affairs first as a clerk in the British Admiralty and then as a clerk in the Colonial Land and Emigration Commission.2 In 1840, Lewes was a clerk in the Emigration Commission and eventually moved on to be a commissioner in 1857.3 Alongside other commissioners, he [investigated] conditions in British colonies and [presented] immigration recommendations in published reports to the British public.4 As the head clerk of the financial department in the Colonial Office, Lewes largely focused on assessing monetary affairs such as the Hudson Bay Company's accounts.5 Additionally, he also examined and oversaw government officials' allowances6 to government loans to the colony of British Columbia.7 Lewes' career in the Colonial Office extended to 1881.8 On 30 April 1890 Lewes passed away from unknown causes.9 He is buried alongside his wife Susannah, and their children in Dulwich, London, England.10
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