No. 47
27 May 1869
I have the honor to inform you that on the 19th March I received from Mr. A. Watson a letter dated the 14th January with various enclosures on the subject of his claims to compensation for the loss of his Office of Treasurer ofVancouverManuscript image Vancouver's Island.
As it appeared that Mr. Watson had forwarded copies of that correspondence to you for transmission to this Department, I deferred the consideration of his claims in the expectation that you would report upon them, and that I should ere this have received your report.
The delay which has occurred on your part is fortunately of less consequence that it might have been under different circumstances, as the records of this Office have enabledmeManuscript image me to arrive at the conclusion that Mr. Watson has no claim upon the Home Government.
I request you to make known to Mr. Watson my decision upon his case, and also to explain to him why my decision upon it was delayed.
I have the honor to be
Your most obedient
humble Servant