No. 31
29th March 1870
My Lord,
On the 15th instant I sent Your Lordship a Message by Telegraph as follows— Has Needham's Warrant gone Trinidad? Wishes to know. Ready to start.
2. Mr Needham had some hesitation in relinquishinghisManuscript image his office until he received some intimation that the necessary authority has been issued for his appointment as Chief Justice on his arrival at Trinidad. All his arrangements had been made for departure, and if he had lost the opportunity afforded by a Steamer going direct to San Francisco, on the 16th instant, he would have been detained here for another month or perhaps longer. Under thesecircumstancesManuscript image circumstances I consented to give him a short leave of absence, nominally for three months, with the understanding that he would await at San Francisco a Telegraphic Message from me with Your Lordship's reply to the enquiry I had made, and that if the Warrant has been forwarded he would transmit his resignation of the Chief Justiceship of Vancouver Island from San Francisco.
3Manuscript image
3. As the Merger of the two Courts of the Mainland and Vancouver Island under the Supreme Courts Ordinance, 1869 would not take place until Mr Needham's resignation had been received, I, in the meantime, appointed Mr Begbie to act as Chief Justice of Vancouver Island.
4. On the 27th instant I received Your Lordship's reply to my Telegram, asfollowsManuscript image follows— Needhams Warrant will go to Trinidad mail of 1st April. Appointment already notified to Governor.
I forwarded this by Telegraph to Mr Needham at San Francisco, and have received from him to-day a Message in reply— I resign, will write.
I have the honor to be,
My Lord,
Your most obedient
humble Servant
A. Musgrave
Minutes by CO staff
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This will give Mr Needham half Salary of his late Office from the day he left B. Columbia until the day he resigned—16 March to 1 April—& from the latter day he will be entitled to 1/2 the Trinidad Salary.
Approve the leave.
CC 3/5
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At once.
RGWH May 4/70
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Draft reply, Rogers (for Granville) to Musgrave, No. 44, 7 May 1870.