Tilley to Rogers (Permanent Under-Secretary)
General Post Office,
29th March 1870
In reply to your letter of the 10th Ultimo, transmitting copy of a despatch from the Governor of British Columbia, with reference to the proposals for an exchange of correspondence between the United States and that Colony, I am directed by the Postmaster General to request that you will state to Earl Granville that he lost no time in informing the Postmaster General of the United States that the arrangements suggested as regards letters met with the entire approval of the Governor, but that the latter was desirous that, if possible, the proposed mode of dealing with newspapersandManuscript image and printed matter should be modified, so as to allow of the whole postage on such articles being collected in advance, and no charge being made on delivery, in accordance with the course contemplated in the case of letters.
The Postmaster General of the United States, however, declines to adopt the modification suggested by the Governor, on the ground that it differs from the plan which has so long been in operation between the United States and all those British Possessions in North America with which the States have concluded Postal arrangements.
Under these circumstances, the Marquis of Hartington presumes that the Governor of British Columbia will now agree to the terms on which alone the United States' Post OfficeseemsManuscript image seems disposed to act, vizt that newspapers and printed matter shall be subject to the regular domestic rates of postage to and from the frontier in the United States and in British Columbia respectively.
As the arrangements for the exchange of mails with the United States may now be considered as definitely settled, His Lordship would suggest that a proposal should be made to the Governor to fix the 1st of July next for carrying them into operation on either side.
With reference to the enquiry in the Governor's despatch as to the effect which the proposed arrangements will have as regards correspondence with Canada, I am to state that no reply has been received to the proposition for an exchange of closed mailsbetweenManuscript image between British Columbia and Canada, by way of the United States, which was addressed to the Canadian Post Office as long ago as November 1868, and that the Postmaster General has caused a further communication on the subject to be made to the Canadian Post Office.
I am,
Your obedient Servant
John Tilley
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Herbert
Send a copy to the Govr with reference to his despatch 1385 & to fix the date—namely the 1st July—for carrying the arrangements into operation—& so inform Post Office.
CC 30/3
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At once.
RGWH Mar 30/70
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Draft reply, Granville to Musgrave, No. 36, 1 April 1870.
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Herbert to Secretary to the General Post Office, 1 April 1870, advising that their letter had been forwarded to Musgrave, and fixing 1 July 1870 as the date for commencing new postal arrangements with the colony.