Holland to Secretary of State
Leslie House
East Croydon
29 Jany 1870 To the Secretary of State for the British Colonies

Some Parties who take an interest in promoting Emigration to a British Colony have had their Attention directed to British Columbia and are desirous of procuring Information and a Map with any description they can procure of the Climate Land &c. If you have got any such Information if you would favour me with the same I will feel obliged, and naming the Conditions Government give Grants upon.
Yours Respectfully
B. Holland
Minutes by CO staff
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Sir F. Rogers
Hardly worth sending such a correspondent the Colonization Circular.
Say the Land in British Columbia is in the disposal of the Colony?
CC 31/1
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Send to EC. L[edger] F[olio].
FR 1/2
Other documents included in the file
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Rogers to Holland, 2 February 1870, advising his enquiry had been referred to the Colonial Land and Emigration Commissioners.
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Rogers to Emigration Commissioners, 2 February 1870, forwarding Holland's application.