Nias to Granville
Hall of Commerce
17th June 1870
My Lord
I have to acknowledge the receipt on the 12th inst of a letter written by your direction and signed Robert G.W. Herbert, "acknowledging the receipt of my Petition to Her Majesty (a copy of which is enclosed) praying that the Authorities of British Columbia may be instructed to issue a Title to certain land which I have Pre-empted in that Colony"—in which reply you inform me "that my Petition has been forwarded to Governor Musgrave."
I beg most respectfully to represent that I did not Petition Her Majesty until I was wearied out in applying to the Local Authorities.
That Governor Seymour told me "that he could not give me the Title because some of the officials wereopposedManuscript image opposed to it" adding "that I should never be disturbed in my possession while he was Governor."
Unless, therefore, instructions have been sent with the Petition to the effect—that if my claim is in accordance with the Law, the Title is to issue to me—my Petition is of no avail.
And I ask myself "Is Petition to the Queen a delusion, or a farce."
The officials of British Columbia have constantly refused to issue the Title to me: and have tried to ensnare me by offering me a Twenty-one years Lease at a nominal Rent.
To appeal to them is waste of time.
May I therefore, My Lord, beg your further interference, to direct—
That— "if I have complied in all and every particular with .usc the Pre-emption Law, that the Title be no longer withheld from me."
I am
My Lord
Your obedient Servant
G.E. Nias

The Most Noble
Earl Granville
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Herbert
He was told his Petition had been sent to the Govr & that he must communicate with him—nothing more can be done. Refer him to previous letter?
CC 27/8
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And send copy to the Govr saying that as this letter & his petition contain statements which Ld K supposes must be altogether incorrect he wishes to be informed whether Mr Nias has any ground for claiming a title to this land.
At once.
RGWH Aug 27/70
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(I do not feel quite clear that he has not some sort of a case.)
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
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Copy of petition previously addressed by Nias to Queen Victoria asking for redress in his land dispute with the colonial government.
Other documents included in the file
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Herbert to Nias, 1 September 1870, referring him again to their letter of 19 February, but adding that an explanation would be sought from the governor on the subject.
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Draft reply, Kimberley to Musgrave, No. 14, 1 September 1870.