Wodehouse, First Earl of Kimberley John
b. 1826-01-07
d. 1902-04-08
Wodehouse was born in London in 1826 and studied at Oxford. He married Lady Florence Fitzgibbon in 1847 and had three sons and two daughters.
Wodehouse served as Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs from 1852-1856 and again from 1859 to 1861; during this time he wrote many letters connected with the colonial despatches, several in relation to the San Juan Island Dispute.
Wodehouse's diplomatic and hardworking nature led him to serve a wide variety of roles within the British Government, including Minister-Plenipotentiary to St Petersburg after the Crimean War and Lord Lieutenant of Ireland in which he successfully suppressed a Fenian uprising in 1865. He continued to fulfill various administrative positions in the Indian and Foreign Offices until 1895 and was politically active until his death in 1902.1
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