Nias to Herbert (Assistant Under-Secretary)
Hall of Commerce
7 Novr/70
I am in receipt of a communication from you by direction of the Earl of Kimberley acknowledging my letter of the 17th June in which you state that the "matter of my Title to Land pre-empted by me in Vancouver Island is entirely in the hands of the local authorities, from whom my Lord Kimberley will call for an explanation."
Allow me to add that my only hope is that His Lordship will call the local authorities to account. I have strictly complied with the very stringent provisions of the Land Proclamation 186-, why do they not comply with their part of the agreement? Their long delay is ruin and misery to me.
I am Sir
Your most obedient Servant
G.E. Nias

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Mr Herbert
See minute on Gov: 142 [145] recd yesterday.
CC 3 Jan 71
RGWH Jan 3/71
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At once. V. 142.
FR 4/1